A visual and user-friendly OEE software that helps manufacturing companies improve productivity and remove waste as they become better.

OEE software. Easy to use.
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Evocon is a real-time cloud-based production monitoring system that enables manufacturers to:

  • Automatizar y digitalizar la recogida de datos de las máquinas
  • Obtenga una visión rápida e intuitiva del rendimiento de la producción
  • Identificar los cuellos de botella y las áreas de mejora
  • Aumentar la eficacia de los equipos
  • Supervisar el tiempo de inactividad de la producción, la OEE, el rendimiento y la calidad

OEE as a universal KPI

Monitoring both efficiency and productivity

  • Quantify and measure equipment potential
  • Identify sources of loss

Value achieved through OEE optimization

  • Waste reduction, tackle production losses
  • Lower costs of manufacturing process
  • Improvements in overall productivity
  • Increased awareness of the hidden factory
  • Improve machine health and performance
  • Investment decisions based on actionable data

How Evocon works?

Unite people witch actual data 

Shift View helps you track and analyze all of your production shifts across different dates, stations, factories and countries. It gives you an hour-by-hour overview of what has happened (downtime, speed, quality) and helps you assess the efficiency of your shifts.

Empower everyone with Information

Evocon’s Dashboard provides the means to visualize your production data and helps monitor production performance in real-time and on the go. Use it to upgrade your daily and weekly monitoring process.

Measure the heartbeat of your factory

With Factory Overview you make the status of all your machines visible to everyone. This gives your team the transparency they need to manage the factory in real-time and allows them to quickly react to any issues. No more unpleasant surprises.

Automate reports and save time

Our Reporting module offers automated production reports that include the analysis of OEE, downtime, time usage, quantities, and cycle times.

Mejore Calidad y reliability

With Checklists, you can digitize and automate all of your recurring quality and maintenance checks. By utilizing real-time data from machines you enable operators to do relevant checks and tasks at the right time, resulting in the reduction of waste and improvement in quality.

10 ways to increase productivity using Evocon


  1. Track and understand machine downtime
  2. More accurate production planning based on OEE data
  3. Insight into real-time production performance
  4. Identificar los cuellos de botella y las áreas de mejora
  5. Visual feedback to machine operators
  6. Remove unnecessary paperwork
  7. Automate production reports
  8. Shift from reactive to preventive maintenance
  9. Enhance discipline, communication and collaboration
  10. Enable cross-factory benchmarking globally

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