3D Simulation Modeling and Analysis Software.

Understand and improve any system or process. FlexSim will help you transform your existing data into accurate predictions.

FlexSim comes with all the proven benefits of discrete-event simulation,  but with the added bonus of highly realistic, immersive 3D graphics.

FlexSim’s 3D models help you emulate the look and feel of the real system, so it’s easier to see and understand what’s going on.


    • Model a real system in our native 3D virtual environment.
    • Account for real-world variability with FlexSim’s vast array of statistical distributions and random numbers.
    • Run simulation using the model to test “what if” scenarios without needing to change things in the real world.

FlexSim makes it as easy as possible to replicate the look of your system while preserving the details necessary for accurate analysis. Just use the simple drag-and-drop controls to place objects and resources directly into the 3D environment—no post-processing needed!

Risk-free virtual environment 

Build a dynamic computer model of your system and test “what if” scenarios to see what works in the real world.

3D Visuals +

Map out and identify every relevant element for a holistic view of your processes or projects, regardless if they are simple or complex.

Analysis Beyond Spreadsheets

Improve on older, static analysis! FlexSim accounts for time, space, variability, and the complex relationships within your system.

Model Analysis

Once you’re ready to simulation using your model, our full suite of analysis features will help you get a deeper understanding of what’s going on.


      • A deep roster of charts and graphs to help you visualize data from a simulation run.
      • The ability to track a wide range of data points and then export to your favorite spreadsheet application.
      • Greater flexibility for data gathering through powerful tools like the Stats Collector object and Zone activity.


Where the money is made (or saved)! Test “what if” scenarios to find the best possible choices to make in the real world.

FlexSim + OptQuest

If you want to add optimization to your toolkit, FlexSim is fully integrated with the OptQuest engine. This powerful scenario optimization package lets you set variables and constraints on your model to evaluate hundreds of possible solutions. You can even design experiments with multiple objectives to consider competing forces in the system. Find the best possible solution for your process with FlexSim and OptQuest.

Test Multiple Scenarios

Use our powerful Experimenter tool to test multiple scenarios and compare the results. Replications are spread over your CPU cores, so hundreds of simulated replications across many different scenarios can be completed in minutes—not hours or days. The Experimenter also includes report generation and control over variables and performance measures.

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