Gain visibilty across all projects, connect planning with execution and deliver 3x faster

Kanbanize is the leading Kanban software for agile project and portfolio management. It provides visibility across all projects and portfolios, connects planning with execution, and helps teams deliver faster. Built upon the idea that all processes evolve, Kanbanize can easily adapt to changes in your organization, regardless of it being a start-up or a fortune 100 enterprise.

Kanbanize helps companies to visualize work, track projects, optimize workflows to increase efficiency, and achieve organizational transparency. 

Within the system, users can structure and visualize their daily work – plan initiatives and projects, break them down into manageable tasks, visualize dependencies and create multiple workflows for cross-functional teams. Built with scale in mind, Kanbanize can be used for project, program, and portfolio management. Features include initiatives and timeline workflow for planning, customizable Kanban boards, business automation rules, a powerful analytics module and more. 

With the use of digital Kanban boards with Work In Progress limits per column, card templates, custom fields and filters, users can effectively visualize their company’s activities and achieve a higher level of transparency. Work and project progress is shown in real-time to eliminate the need for constant status updates and reporting. As a result, project delivery becomes transparent and more predictable and users can increase their efficiency by spending time on the work that brings value. Pricing is per user per month, and support is offered via email.

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With the ability to bring transparency across the entire organization, Kanbanize helps managers align the planning of big projects with day-to-day execution, prevent teams from overburdening, and always set clear priorities.

Gain visibility across projects and portfolios

Built with scale in mind, Kanbanize helps you visualize the project portfolios in your company. Our platform tracks, updates, and automatically reports all projects’ status. Take advantage of our forecasting tools and see when different projects will be completed.

Connect planning with execution

With Kanbanize, you can break down projects into actionable tasks in a trackable manner. It helps you distribute work items and creates transparency across multiple organizational levels.

Optimize delivery workflow with built-in automation

Let your teams gain control over their workflows and optimize them gradually, based on performance metrics. Eliminate work overlaps and automate parts of the workflow to let people focus on delivering value.

When you need the big picture

With Kanbanize you visualize the project plan in dedicated Management Boards and break down the work across one or more Team Boards. This creates a work hierarchy that spans multiple levels in the organization and creates unmatched transparency across the whole value stream. As teams, complete work on their team boards, the progress, and potential risks are visualized on your management boards automatically. 

The Most Powerful Features

Kanban Boards

Visualize your progress as you move cards across the board. The layout of our digital Kanban board helps you keep a watchful eye on every stage of the various processes occurring in your account at the project, team, or organization level.

Customizable Workflows

Having the multiple workflows feature in your arsenal, you can design any board that you can think of. The multilayer board structure supports team members in their individual and cooperative work and gives ground for process refinement and improvement.


With Workspaces, you can distribute and track work across your organization from a single Management board. Use Management and Team Workspaces to increase the visibility across multiple teams and projects, support a smoother breakdown and delegation of work.

Reports & Dashboards

Kanbanize allows you to create custom dashboards inside the system with highly customizable layouts to meet your organization’s unique needs. You can select to organize your dashboards by departments, projects, teams, and product categories that suit your business or individual needs.

Automation (Business Rules)

The Business rules in Kanbanize trigger actions when certain events occur or certain predefined criteria have been fulfilled. Using Business rules is an easy way to automate your processes. You can synchronize data on different Boards and facilitate your everyday work with the system.

Timeline Workflow

The Timeline Workflow is an innovative planning approach that allows you to visualize your Initiatives in a linear calendar view. You can visualize all Initiatives in a roadmap style on an uninterrupted timeline. Update your plans in real-time and visualize their execution.

Project Forecast

The Forecast feature in Kanbanize allows you to predict the duration of your projects accurately. Based on your flow data and past trends analysis, this functionality allows you to get reliable forecasts for your projects automatically.


From single sign-ons to issue-trackers and cloud storage, our flexible Kanban software comes ready to scale up and integrate with the most needed services and solutions.

“The software has created a new environment centered around communication and transparency in a visually appealing way that we haven’t seen before.”

Ben Jackman
Logistics Supervisor

BMWC Constructors

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