Develop a High-Performance Team. Process. Organization.

A systematic approach to improve speed and quality.

LSSI is more than a training company

By following the Lean Six Sigma methods and tools, you will directly impact 6 drivers:

  • Improve speed and quality
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve cashflow
  • Increase capacity
  • Increase demand
  • Increase profit
Professional Business Team Analyzing Sales
Team Meeting Office Workers

Solve as you learn

We will prepare your team members through a combination of a tailored training program to meet your needs and online/onsite coaching to ensure your organization’s Lean Six Sigma projects´ success.

How does it work?

Describe your goals

Take our Lean Company survey or schedule a discovery call with one of our specialists to discover opportunities to improve your business and to let us know your goals in order for us to design a plan specially for you.

Get a customized solution

We will create a customized plan according to your industry, business and processes to improve your team´s skills. We will also include the exact training your company needs and coaching sessions to guide your improvement projects.

Select your specialist

LSSI Master Black Belts are experts in the field. Our instructors have held senior leadership and management positions, and have extensive experience that has resulted in organizations achieving greater productivity and substantial costs savings.

What do we include?

Online training licenses for your team members and key personnel

Over 20 years of experience and proven results translated into practical tools, guidelines, and knowledge for your teams to master through LSSI’s training, while simultaneously tackling problems (solve as you learn).

On-demand coaching sessions with a Master Black Belt

Live online coaching tailored to your specific needs and on a set schedule.

Implementation guidance

Selecting the right tools & methodologies that will decrease costs, increase profit, and improve quality in a timely manner.

Setting goals and targets and keeping you accountable

Visibility of overall performance and accurate monitoring of progress that enables versatility in execution and achievement of targeted goals.

Strategy development and definition

Accurate identification of a company’s “true north” based on its competitive advantages.

Ongoing support for continuous improvement cycles

Your success coach will help you establish and sustain a continuous improvement system that constantly anticipates problems and delivers positive results.

Upskill yout team, upscale your business

Working together, we will design a powerful operational excellence strategy with a major focus on employee knowledge, contributions and participation.

Your team will use a continuous improvement methodology and accompanying tools to improve productivity, quality and lead time (or service response time) through the discovery and elimination of productivity limitations such as variability, waste and overburden. 

Team Meeting Office Workers

Start now and get results

Lean Six Sigma was developed for manufacturing, but it is also successfully applied in other industries such as services, healthcare, logistics, finance and accounting, hospitality, construction, and more! Lean Six Sigma methodologies and tools are now being applied virtually all processes. 

From Our Clients

“The Lean and Six Sigma training program delivered by LSSI is excellent.  The training materials are informative and easily understandable.  More importantly, the trainers are outstanding with a wealth of work experience in the lean and six sigma area.”

Kattei Wei

Senior HR Manager Asia, New Balance

“Hiring LSSI was the best action we could have taken as a company. We are consistently delivering product in 2 to 3 days that once took 3 weeks, we increased capacity by 100%, and our inventory is substantially lower.”

John Daroch

CEO, Apollo Sprayers International, Inc.

“We selected LSSI because their consultants demonstrated experience in diverse Lean Six Sigma applications and a track record of  helping clients achieve transformative Lean Six Sigma results.”

Luz Arbeláez

Human Resource DIrector, Abbott Laboratories