1.- Lean Six Sigma Management System is a proven continuous improvement system and has been introduced successfully in companies throughout the globe.
2.- Lean Six Sigma Management System is not just a ser of tools; it´s a way of life.
3.- Lean Six Sigma Management System is not just for manufacturing or large-scale
corporations lie GE or Samsung, but for any industry and any size of the company.
4.- In order to implement it successfully, it will require a clear understanding, strategy, plan, dedication, discipline, and strict follow-up.
5.- Management must play a key role and participate in involvement and commitment in order to implement Lean Six Sigma Management System and sustain it. Be aware of myths.
6.- Theory of Constraints (TOC) focuses on the major constrains or bottlenecks of the system, giving a Lean Six Sigma Company the best chance to achieve results in record time.
7.- Waste and Muda are non-value-added processes or steps for which nobody wants to pay, so they must be persistently eradicated.
8.- Be aware of the “Hidden Factory” ( A set of activity (or activities) in the process that result in a reduction of quality or efficiency of a business process or manufacturing department)
9.- Becoming a true Lean Company should be the aspiration and long-term goal.
10.- The implementation of industry 4.0/ industrial Internet of Things (iioT) will strongly benefit from a Lean Six Sigma Management System implementation.
11.- There are significant benefits in implementing a Lean Six Sigma Management System.
12.- Be aware of myths and potential roadblocks of Lean Six Sigma.
13.- Prepare your company with the required skills and resources.
14.- Be aware of the leader´s role, responsibilities, and knowledge requirements.
15.- Get the right Lean Six Sigma support from outside with the right commitment and skills.