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Master’s Degree

Includes: Lean Six Sigma Black Belt International Certification

Today, more than ever, companies need professionals and leaders to help them deal with management changes, who have the talent and the theoretical-practical knowledge necessary to do so.

This Master’s degree will provide you with everything you need to become that professional, with a broad and applied knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma methodology, and the opportunities of 4.0 technologies, as well as its application in various organizational and productive areas.

Open Enrollment: 6.800€ / 8.200$ 

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Why enroll in the Master?

In times of change, like today, discover the methodologies that leading companies around the world are using to adapt to the new era, known as “Industry 4.0”.

Would you likt to become the leader that promotes these changes so that the result in a sustainable growth of the company in the future?

State-of-the-art technology, which has the latest advances provided by Industry 4.0 (robotics, big data, internet of things, simulation, integration, cybersecurity, cloud computing, additive manufacturing, augmented reality, etc.) is not enough to generate a structural change in the company. Today Lean Six Sigma has adapted to technological advances to become the ideal management system that provides the agility, flexibility, efficiency, and productivity that companies seek to achieve with such advances.

And behind these changes, there must be people willing and able to face them.

Is your company ready for this change?

There are proven tools that allow organizations to adapt to an environment full of difficulties, and move towards a new way of understanding and managing business. These methodologies are contrasted and have proven their effectiveness over the last 50 years. Lean and Six Sigma have become the growth lever for organizations around the world, many of which have been led to become World Class companies. 

Are you one of those people?

Imagine that you have the necessary skills to do so, that will put you in a clear advantage over many other people.

The Master includes:

50 hours of live online training

Internet access with audio and videos, exposed in real time, the student interacts with the instructor to ask or contribute ideas, concepts and experiences.

170 hours of pre-recorded sessions for the "self-study"

Access to the pace of the student to prerecorded sessions in which they will be able to know and acquire the required skills.

60 hours of face-to-face sessions

Sessions aimed at carrying out practical cases, case analysis, exercises, and resolution of doubts.

18 hours of virtual tutoring

Aimed to accompanying the student throughout the entire training.

Instructions, templates, and formats

Downloadable content to complete your training.

Minitab License

6 month Minitab license (statistical software).

Lean Six Sigma Certification Exams

Master’s Degree and Certifications in Yellow, Green and Black Belt, Lean specialty in a specific Industry and Specialty in Industry 4.0.

Master's Final Project

The work will consist of a DMAIC project (Define / Measure / Analyze / Improve / Control) in a real company, which will generate savings of more than 121,773.00 USD.

Who should register:

Students / Graduates


Managers and executives

Dates, modalities and schedule of the Master:

Start: April 9, 2021

Duration: April 2021-July 2022

Mixed modality: Face-to-face, virtual and self-study

Virtual sessions in streaming, face-to-face (with streaming option) and pre-recorded sessions.


Face-to-face and virtual sessions on Fridays (16:00 – 21:00 CEST), and Saturdays (9:00 – 14:00 CEST).

Bonus Training:

[email protected]

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34-655 537 461

Please contact this phone to request any information.

More information:

Content of the Master:

Module 1. Lean Tools (Yellow Belt Certification). 5 ECTS credits.
  • Block 1. General Introduction and Certification in Lean Management Tools
  • Block 2. Certification in basic productivity tools (White Belt)
  • Block 3. Certification in Lean improvement tools (Yellow Belt)
Module 2. Tools of Tools improves Six Sigma (Green Belt Certification). 6 ECTS credits.
  • Block 4. Six Sigma improvement tools.
Module 3. Certification in advanced tools (Black Belt Certification). 6 ECTS credits (7 referring to blocks 3 and 4, and 2 referring to the DMAIC Project).
  • Block 5. Certification in advanced tools.
  • Block 6. Certification in cross-application Lean Six Sigma (Black Belt and Lean Company).
  • Block 7. DMAIC Project.
Module 4. Module 4. Certification in Lean Specialty. 5 ECTS credits
  • Block 8. Implementation of Lean Six Sigma projects in Specialty.
Module 5. Application in Industry 4.0. 6 ECTS credits.
  • Block 9. Tools 4.0
  • Block 10. Tools 4.0 II
Module 6. Final Master's Project (200 hours). 10 ECTS credits.

Students must carry out and present a work consisting of an application project in a real context, which must meet all the requirements for obtaining their Black Belt Certification, and for obtaining the Master’s Degree.

Students must present their Master’s Final Project in a presentation, where they will defend their projects before a panel made up of the Master’s and UCAM’s faculty, with the capacity to evaluate the work.

Module 7. External practices. 6 ECTS credits

Students will carry out their practices for 150 hours in a real environment, where they will use the knowledge and skills acquired for the design and implementation of a DMAIC Project in the company.

Course Calendar

April 1, 2022

Language: Spanish

Sessions: Friday
Modality: Instructor-led Virtual Live Training


About their instructors:

Luis Socconini

  • Industrial Engineer
  • Black Belt Master.

Eduardo Escobedo

  • LSSI Operational Director.
  • Chemical and process engineer.
  • Black Belt Master.

Mireia Blanco

  • Consultant at LSSI.
  • Doctor in Physical Sciences.
  • Black Belt Master.

Jordi Fustero

  • Consutant at LSSI.
  • Organic and Functional Analyst in IT Management Systems.
  • Black Belt.

Agustín García

  • Consultant at LSSI.
  • Master in International Cooperation, CSR and Senior Commercial and Marketing Management.
  • Black Belt.

María Martín

  • Informatics engineer.
  • Programmer, analyst and consultant.
  • Continuous improvement and digitization of processes

Jordi Silvestre

  • Informatics System Engineer.
  • Master in prevention of occupational risks.
  • Black Belt.

Rodrigo Lourenço

  • Degree in Psychology, Project Management and Master in Business Management.
  • Black Belt.

Our customers

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More than 500 successful projects
Over 600 USD million in savings generated

“The Lean and Six Sigma training program delivered by LSSI is excellent. The trainers are outstanding with extensive work experience in the Lean and Six Sigma areas. Looking to the future, we look forward to having the pleasure of working with LSSI in our upcoming trainings.”

Kattey Wei

Senior HR Manager - Asia, New Balance

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