It is a work philosophy to achieve the maximum potential of companies and the people who work there.
A system that develops highly competent teams throughout the company, capable of developing processes that generate value for the client at the lowest cost and, therefore, achieve the maximum profitability in a sustained manner.
It is a way of thinking and acting that requires demanding people to master the processes that will produce the correct results for employees, customer,rs and owners. It is a way of life that does not allow or have space for conformism, which requires the best of each one to function and a lot of commitment from all of its members. It is a system that is built with a lot of effort and that is maintained by the pride of always being the best, taking into account that our work is what allows the development of our families and our nation.
Lean Company provides you with a management system that focuses the efforts of the teams of all levels in what is necessary. Thus, the delivery of value to the client never stops, which manages to integrate all areas of the company in a single priority approach.
Lean Company is how to make all the members of a symphony orchestra play in unison and
harmoniously a score, creating high level music.
The challenge for companies will be to teach everyone to play together; for this, it is necessary to create a structure to achieve, naturally, the necessary integration, through a set of scores that in this case we will call Box Score. Thus, the results set the pace at which we must work and the priorities of the market dictate the compass of collaborative work.
Who is implementing Lean Company?
“Lean Company is the way companies should have always been, and now, thanks to the accumulated knowledge and experience, everyone has within your reach.”
Lean Company can be implemented in companies and organizations of services and manufacturing of any size and level of maturity.
Three out of every four tasks carried out are services. In this field, Lean Six Sigma is helping not only to perform better services, but also to create life experiences for the clients, improving significantly the cost, quality and speed with which said services are carried out. In fact, in manufacturing companies, a large part of the work that is carried out, are considered internal services (maintenance, accounting, payroll, etc.)
Examples of service companies that must implement Lean Company:
Hotels, hospitals, restaurants, airports, governments, insurers, marketers, clinics, department stores, self-service stores, auto workshops, designers, transporters, universities, tourism, logistics, consultancy, messaging, banks, marketing, professional services, etcetera.
The manufacturing companies are totally changing the way they organize and train their staff, the design of the plants and the way in which they produce, integrating value chains to a whole team of people of different specialties and implementing continuous flow tools, production sequencing, mechanisms to test errors, etc. All of this to achieve faster delivery, with much better quality and lower costs, which allows to increase utilities.
In the person himself
In order to achieve greater personal satisfaction, many of the Lean Company tools are applicable to the life of people, from their personal strategy to the elimination of all the waste that exists around everyday life.