Why you should get your Lean Six Sigma certification

Supply chain bottlenecks, rising costs, global pandemic, and shifting paradigms. These are just a few reasons why lean thinkers have become highly valued in the marketplace. These global issues are pressuring companies to look for problem solvers, and who better to solve complex problems than Lean Six Sigma experts? The growing need for companies to be resource conscious is also resulting in the search for lean experts to join companies and optimize resource utilization. Lean Six Sigma prides itself on the reduction of waste, hence companies are looking to experts to show them how to optimize processes.

What is a Lean Six Sigma expert?

Lean Six Sigma experts are people who have been trained to look at inefficiencies in a business process. They are then trained to follow a practical and methodical process to eliminate or correct the inefficiencies found.

Lean Six Sigma experts view business operations through a different lens. Instead of focusing solely on how a department performs, they analyze the entire business process that the department contributes to. This makes for excellent leaders and “big-picture” individuals.

Therefore, lean experts are sought after in all industries. They are there to lead, improve, optimize, and solve problems, something far too few individuals do throughout their day-to-day.

So why should I get certified?

1.              Industrywide application

There is a myth surrounding Lean Six Sigma, which is that Lean Six Sigma only applies to the manufacturing industry. This could not be farther from the truth. Lean Six Sigma is a proven method any business in any industry can use to bolster productivity through process optimization. After all, processes exist in all business functions. Major advances in Lean application are taking place in industries such as finance, construction, agriculture, and healthcare thus making a certification an incredibly versatile tool.

2.         Advance your career & increase your salary

The median salary in California for a certified Lean Six Sigma greenbelt sits at $88,000. A lean certification can propel you to the next level in your career and increase your competitive edge. Lean Six Sigma certificate holders are equipped with more functional tools in quality control, strategic management, and leadership than the average professional, hence why lean thinkers are highly valued, and the market reflects that. 

3.         Lean thinkers are valued

Every business is in a race. Every day, companies are challenged, and those challenges are becoming more and more complex. The winner of the race is the company that can produce high customer satisfaction in the fastest and best way possible. This has made lean thinkers a valuable commodity in the marketplace. Lean thinkers are process-oriented, which is not a common mentality across business professionals. Lean thinkers have proven that they can lead cross-functional projects and gain results.

4.         Guide companies to higher productivity and increased savings

Remember that lean thinkers have one global mission, to eliminate waste at the source. The continuous action of identifying waste and eliminating it will always result in savings. The total savings a Lean Six Sigma certificate holder can save depends on the belt level and the size of the company. However, recent surveys concluded that Lean Six Sigma experts can save companies an average of $300,000 a year.

5.         Train your leadership muscle

Many understand Lean Six Sigma as a quality systems certification, and although Lean Six Sigma is heavily influenced by quality tools, it still requires careful management and implementation to experience results. This means that Lean Six Sigma must train leaders that can impose change and impact cultures because if this wasn’t the case, lean efforts would be futile.

This is why there is a heavy emphasis on leadership throughout Lean Six Sigma courses and you will learn that leadership is not always innate, in fact, being the best leader possible takes practice, Lean Six Sigma shows you how.

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